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melissa July 20, 2001 10:46

grid check failure
What are the common causes of grid check failure in Fluent?

The grid statistics that I see when I am reading in my mesh tell me that I have some left-handed cells. The users guide tells me that left handed cells are a connectivity problem and that usually these are associated with a negative minimum cell volume. The statistics for my mesh don't indicate a negative cell volume. So I don't know if I truly have a connectivity problem, or what is causing my connectivity problem.

Also, the users guide suggests that you can find the problem cells using the Iso-value adaption option, but since I don't have any negative volumes nothing is marked when I attempt to use Iso-value adaption.

Any ideas?? It is a fully structured 3d mesh.

AJ July 25, 2001 08:15

Re: grid check failure
1) Check the duplicacy of vertices and edges. 2) Check the tolerances in Gambit. 2) Check the element Skewness.


marc whale July 30, 2001 09:05

Re: grid check failure
I suggest remove the mesh, then connect faces, edges and vertices, then mesh again. After each volume mesh do a mesh check ( if there is a no good meshing you receive a message ). If not enough, split the volume and try everything again.

Rodrigo August 1, 2001 15:17

Re: grid check failure
I had the same problem and asked the same questions. The only way I fixed the problem was smoothing the mesh, maybe you will have to do it several times and it would be better to make a new mesh.

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