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olivier July 26, 2001 11:33

DPM-Rosin Rammler distribution -CV probleme
Hi everybody

I wonder if someone could help me, please

I simulate combustion in a cylindrical furnace. I have a continuous gas phase (create in PDF) and there are too some DPM combusting injections. For the injections I use the material anthracite and the Rosin Rammler method. At the beginning I used the min, max, mean diameter and the spread parameter purposes in the fluent5 tutorial guide (Pulverized coal combustion...) After my case is converged, I decreased the min and mean diameter and spread parameter (max diam stay equal) for an other situation. And I iterate... Now I have no more convergence And the residuals do not appear well soon...

Has anybody tried this experience? Could anybody help me

thanks a lot

Bye olivier

david August 4, 2001 01:43

Re: DPM-Rosin Rammler distribution -CV probleme
A) Based on the particle size distribution, you should have realistic, mean, min, max and spread parameter in RR particle distribution model. B) When you changing the parameters: why don't u start from the beginning and set some realistic parameters? B1) Or after first convergence, reset DMP calculations. B2) I don't understand, why did you change the parameters after converging the first case. Are you running another case now with different size of particles ?


olivier August 8, 2001 12:13

Re: DPM-Rosin Rammler distribution -CV probleme
Hi David A/ In fact at the beginning of the study I didn't have any information about a realistic mean, min max and so a spread parameter for the RR particle distribution. Therefore, I decided to simulate a case with the fluent tutorial parameters. B/ Now, I know the realistic parameters and therefore I simulate a new case with the realistic RR parameters. I got some problems to converge the case. But now it is okay with the convergence. I can anlyse the results.

Bye bye and thanks olivier

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