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rajeev August 1, 2001 08:34

ill posed problems: inverse heat transfer
Hi everybody !

Can Fluent solve ill posed problems. I mean inverse heat transfer problem. i.e if I know what is the temperature of certain locations inside my domain (not on the surface) by inserting thermocouple and monitoring temperature with time. Can I use this data and calculate the heat transfer coefficient at the boundarys.

Hope I have made myself clear. If anyone has used fluent to do this please let me know how.

Thanks in advance


AJ August 1, 2001 11:24

Re: ill posed problems: inverse heat transfer
It could be possible if Fluent allows BC on nodes using UDFs. Read manual whether Temperature can be applied as BC on nodes!

Alain August 2, 2001 05:11

Re: ill posed problems: inverse heat transfer
Unfortunatly you can't do that with fluent.

This problem is an inverse problem and can only be handle by an inverse code. As far as I know inverse methods in cfd are still under development due to the strong non linearity of the NS equation.

I think that this problem have allready be debated in cfd online and that you will find more information by searching the database.

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