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Mark R August 2, 2001 07:02

200 data files to post process (how?)
Hello Fluent Forum, I am going through the slow process of looking at my output from a transient run (200 files). Perhaps I do not need them all but I cannot tell that yet. The question is how can I (automatically) generate and view a sequence of (say) vapour volume fraction in a specific region? At the moment I am writing commands text files to load as journal files for each datafile. I am then left with a group of TIF files to stitch together in an animator (e.g Animation Shop 3). I am using 5.4.8 on NT. There seems to be a FLUENTPost but that requires me to convert the data to Fieldview an equally labour intensive task. Am I just lazy or what? Any recommendations gratefully received.By email preferably as I do not read the group frequently (but weekly). Thanks Mark Richardson

Clinton Lafferty August 9, 2001 13:35

Re: 200 data files to post process (how?)
Post processing transient data in Fluent can be a time consuming process; however, below details how I got around the problem for 1400 data files looking at velocity, pressure, turbulent intensity, and volume fraction.

Using FLUENT create and edit (remove mistakes such multiple zooms and rotations)a journal file that will post-process one set of data for all of the information you need.

Write and debug a program in your favorite language to write a comprehensive post-processing journal file (in text format) for up to 500 data files. (my computer would crash for more than 600)

In Fluent, run the comprehensive journal file.

This method save about a week or so and lots mouse clicks.

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