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Jimmy Chiang August 8, 2001 03:05

Is there a command on Gambit that allows you to create a volume from a set of given points (like 400 points or so) without having to create edges and such.

John C. Chien August 8, 2001 03:31

(1). I am not using GAMBIT right now. But I think the problem is not with the code, it is with your 400 points. (2). That is: Is there a unique way to define a volume based on 400 points. If you start with three points, you can generate a triangle. With one point added to it, you now have a four sided tet cell. (3). Next, you can pick a point and create a second tet to one of the triangle. (4). You should be able to create the complete volume in this way. (5). But, "you will have to tell the computer the sequence of how these cells are created (the connectivity)".

Atholl August 8, 2001 04:25

In my experience with Gambit, volumes have to be created from the bottom up, i.e. nodes (points in your case) - edges - faces - volumes. Unless of course you want to create a volume from a set of dimensions, but this is limited to basic shapes.

ydzhang August 8, 2001 09:13

dear Jimmy:

If I understand you rightly.You can write a *.JOU file to realize you task. But you must use the "BOTTUM UP" method, i.e. you can first create the edge,then face,last volume.Just as you create this volume step by step in gambit,but now you realize it automatically with JOU file.Once i succesfully created a volume consist of 2400 points.

Good luck!


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