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chiseung August 8, 2001 05:06

Question about initialization
I am curious about solver setting (especially initializing). When I'm testing 2D problem(simple duct), I found a strange thing. When I fixed a initialized temperature value as 300K, my screen showed me a spottedly shpaed temp. contour.

At first, I doubted my monitor screen if it worked well but when I initialized other values it worked well only except 300K. I've tried many times but result was same.

Can anyone give me an advice?

david August 11, 2001 03:37

Re: Question about initialization
A) Choose some points in the domain or lines B) Try to plot (plot-xy..) temp on these points or lines. C) I think, you didn't check during the contour displaying: the no of levels (put a value 50 or higher) D) Another student asked me the same problem, I think this problem is machine dependent.


chiseung August 14, 2001 03:53

Re: Question about initialization
Thanks a lot. Mr. David.

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