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Anindya August 9, 2001 23:07

Impinging Jet Modeling Problem
I am trying to model an impinging jet . There is a nozzle through which air is exiting vertically downwards and hitting the ground. I have two questions about it.

1) what would be the top boundary condition besides (next to) the inlet? Is it pressure or Inlet with zero U and V velocities? If I put Inlet condition bc there with zero U and V , then what values do I put for k and epsilon there ?

2) What are the values of inlet turbulent kinetic energies and dissipation which I need to specify for the inlet jet using k-epsilon model? I am using both FLUENT and STARCD for analysis.


david August 11, 2001 03:16

Re: Impinging Jet Modeling Problem
A)Start with inlet velocity magnitude (along one flow direction only), in other directions put zero. B) Put k=10, e=10 C) Solve it D) Validate and verify before proceeding with further complex problems. By the way, what is the jet velocity u r using ?


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