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robert August 10, 2001 07:28

gambit - fidap
I am just learning how to use gambit and fidap. now i have one big question:

do i have to consider the depth of water which can be expected, during the netgeneration in gambit. this means: must the depth of the numerical 3D netmodel produced with gambit be the same as that calculated by fidap with free surface. or is it enough to put my geometric data into gambit, but what happens with the unused cells above the free surface?

thanks for anyones help


Jaydeep Kulkarni October 3, 2001 10:23

Re: gambit - fidap
Hi Robert, I am not exactly sure what you are asking. If you are planning to set-up a free surface simulation using Fidap (and you are a new Fidap user), then I would very strongly recommend you to follow the free surface examples provided in the Examples Manual. The corresponding input files are provided in the examples directory within Fidap installation.

You will notice that the geometry and mesh in these examples is generated using Figen, an old Fidap mesh generator. What you should do next is to generate exactly the same geometry and mesh in Gambit and use the Ficonv module to read in the resultant FDNEUT file.

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