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Armin Gips August 13, 2001 05:40

Porous Media
I have an 2-d object with a porous zone in it. First I calculate a solution without the porous media (k-epsilon turbulence modell;two layer zone). All residuals are lower than 0.003 and all monitors are constant. Then I switch on the porous media. Now the residual of continuity does not decrease (contstant value1,2) and the residual of k increases. (all other decrease and the monitors are constant). What can I do? Thanx Armin

chiseung August 14, 2001 03:43

Re: Porous Media
In my opinion, you should check your b.c. again , especially porous media. There are many cases that residual history of continuity doesn't decrease when B.C.s are not properly set.

P.S : If I were in your shoes, I would solve that problem switching on the porous media without k-e model. Then, I would turn on the viscous model and try to converge by changing relaxation factors.

Armin Gips August 15, 2001 02:27

Re: Porous Media
It does not work. I checked my B.C., and try to get a solution without porous media and without Turbulence. Then I switch on the porous media and the residuals of continuity increased, and now they are constant. What else can I do?



chiseung August 15, 2001 02:36

Re: Porous Media
I meant...(1) first, "with porous media" and "without turbulence" (2) second " with porous media" and "with turbulence"

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