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Jie August 17, 2001 10:26

Gradient Adaption

When I do Gradient Adaption, how much for the refine threshold value for adaption? In fact, the default value for Fluent is 1e10, I think it's too much. Anyone have a better idea?



Armin Gips August 20, 2001 01:42

Re: Gradient Adaption
There is an article in the FluentNews volume 10 about adaption. "To determine the refinement threshold, many engineers like to use what is known as the 10% rule, whiche states that a cell should be refined whenever the computes gradient is above 10% of the maximum value"

Yours Armin

Volker Pawlik August 27, 2001 10:26

Re: Gradient Adaption
Hi, like always it depends on the case. To resolve the shear layer of a free submerged jet I had to use a refine threshold of 1E-5 (while the max was 0.007) to get results for the entrained massflow wich were comparable to measurements.


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