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island August 17, 2001 14:24

generate spring with GAMBIT

Did anybody have experience to generate spring-volume having spiral geometry with GAMBIT? Is it difficult to generate such volume?

Thank you very much in advance.

Jerry August 18, 2001 03:46

Re: generate spring with GAMBIT
Hi Island,

You can generate a spring volume by sweeping a face along a pro-defined spring curve. This is very easy to do in Gambit. To make the spring curve, you can

1), try write a simple programe to Gambit (Do-loop) to creat a serial of vertices and then link them to form the spring cruve; 2), prepare (x,y,z) data of the spring in 3 columns and save them as a txt file, then you can "import" the vertex data into Gambit. Quickly after that, link them and form to the spring curve.

max August 18, 2001 09:40

Re: generate spring with GAMBIT
you can use Msc.Patran or CFX-builder to generate the spring first,then export it to Gambit

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