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cisong August 18, 2001 12:48

simulation of flat plate
i just try to make a simulation of flow on a flat plate and than i will compare the result with blasius, but the result is not really good enough,the value residual of residual error aproximately 5e-04 and it's never go down again although i have set the monitor's residual convergency for 1-e07, please give me any suggestion what should i do

John C. Chien August 19, 2001 13:08

Re: simulation of flat plate
(1). I think I have posted a message on this issue before. (2). Go to Schlichting's book of "boundary layer theory", and study the Blasius solution both in ETA coordinate and physical x-coordinate. Plot the velocity profile from the leading edge of a flate plate. (3). Study the section "flow in the inlet length of a straight channel and a circular pipe", where a series of velocity distribution for laminar flow in the inlet section of a channel are given. Your mesh must be consistent with the velocity profiles. (4). In other words, even for the simple flat plate flow case, the solution and the mesh are highly non-uniform or stretched. (5). This is the place where analytical solution or series solution is ideal. (hard for numerical solution.) In other words, you are not going to get good solution, if you don't study the velocity profile development and create the mesh accordingly.

Bob Malone August 19, 2001 15:55

Re: simulation of flat plate
Take a look at

They seem to have a good solution compared to data using a RANS code CFX.

cisong August 22, 2001 23:09

Re: simulation of flat plate
i have made a simulation , and then i compare with the experimental of blasius, but it seem only have a good result only in the leading edge area, can you explain this fenomena, or maybe there is another thing that i must to do?

Gopal chandra Shit September 12, 2001 11:10

Re: simulation of flat plate

sir, I want to know about flate plate and how to generate the boundary condition for solving the Navier stokes equation.

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