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Steve Howell August 20, 2001 11:34

Which version of Red Hat Linux for Fluent 5.4???
Dear all,

I want to install Fluent 5.4 on a machine running Red Hat Linux as the operating system.

I would like to install Red Hat, version 7.1 on my machine. Unfortunately, the people from Fluent only guarentee that Fluent 5.4 will run on a system up to Red Hat, version 6.2.

Does anyone have any experience running Fluent on a version of Red Hat later than 6.2 ???

Thanks in advance,

Steve Howell.

Tobbe August 20, 2001 15:38

Re: Which version of Red Hat Linux for Fluent 5.4?
I tried today to install it on Red Hat 7.1. After alot of error messages and failures with fluent I decided to try with 7.0 and it worked fine.

Mail me if you need more info about this issue

Torbjörn Virdung, Sweden

Jonas Larsson August 20, 2001 15:44

Re: Which version of Red Hat Linux for Fluent 5.4?
We have tried 6.2, 7.0 and 7.1 with Fluent 5.4.

6.2 and 7.0 both work well.

With 7.1 we had problems though - Fluent hangs when you try to open a case file. I think that this problem is related to disk-mounting, NIS etc. So if you run on a single workstation 7.1 might work for you. I talked to Fluent about this problem and they seemed to be aware of it. I don't know if they have found a fix though.

Anthony Wachs August 21, 2001 02:45

Red Hat 7.1 : remaining problems

We have installed Fluent5 on a Red Hat 7.1. At first, we faced troublesome difficulties related to the GUI. However, Fluent was able to run in batch. As Jonas said, Fluent hangs when trying to open a case file and messages like "RPC time out" were written in the Fluent window. Then the guys from the support & maintenance team in my company managed to identify what was going wrong. They said it is related to Linux XFree package : there were incompatibilities between Red Hat 7.1 XFree package and Fluent. When installing the old version of this package (probably from Red Hat 7.0), it works better but some graphical shutdowns remain... At that point we do not know if those remaining problems have something to do with Fluent or Red Hat 7.1. As a conclusion, I would say that the bug is not clearly fixed but that it is possible to use Fluent on Red hat 7.1 with unconvenient random graphical bugs.

Finally, I would say that the graphical card is likely to play a great role too.

I am not a specialist of software installation, this is just what we have experienced. I can not say that Fluent France was aware of this bug but they did not seem to be surprised as I reported it. Jonas, I do not think that they even tried to fix it, they probably wait for the new version of Fluent : Fluent6, where it is likely to be done.

Any suggestion would be appreciated

Good luck, Anthony

Christian August 21, 2001 05:42

Re: Red Hat 7.1 : remaining problems
I experienced similar trouble with Suse 7.0 and 7.1. As I far as I know this problem is related to the different versions of glibc. The 7.1 versions are built with glibc-2.2.x, whereas 7.0 versions are built with glibc-2.1.x. regards, C.

tom August 21, 2001 14:24

Re: Red Hat 7.1 : remaining problems
That's right. It depends on the glibc. 2.2 does not work ! I suppose, that with fluent 6 the glibc 2.2 (and also suse 7.1 and 7.2) works.

Steve Howell August 22, 2001 09:49

Re: Which version of Red Hat Linux for Fluent 5.4?
Thanks guys for your help - much appreciated. I will install Red Hat, version 7.0 on my machine.


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