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siswara dana August 21, 2001 02:33

creating line for dispalying data ?
Hi, can anyone tell me how to create line in 3D geometry for reporting data. Because as I know in fluent there is only surface for displaying data.

Thanks in advance

Atholl August 21, 2001 04:24

Re: creating line for dispalying data ?
Go to SURFACE - LINE/RAKE, enter the coordinates for your line, rename the line if you wish and click create

siswara_dana August 21, 2001 05:23

Thanks, one more thing
Thanks, but how about if I want create circle line not circle surface, can we also do it from quadric surface.

Atholl August 22, 2001 06:15

Sorry, don't know...any takers?
Erm, sorry not sure about that one - I couldn't see any mention of curved lines in Fluent's help....anyone else know?

KH August 22, 2001 12:02

Re: Sorry, don't know...any takers?
I think you have to export the data on and do some postprocessing yourself.

Lanre August 24, 2001 15:02

Re: Thanks, one more thing
Create a quadric for a sphere, then iso-clip the sphere to a constant coordinate location (actually, you'll need to specify a small delta for the iso-clip).

kim September 3, 2001 04:41

Re: Thanks, one more thing
To create a circle : First create surface of constant radial coordinate. Then create surface of the other coordinate (for example x=const), but this time be sure that the previously created surface is highlighted in the right column. An intersection will be automatically created.

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