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Charles Renard August 21, 2001 09:21

creating "inverted" pathlines ??
hi !

I would like to know if it is possible,in fluent5, to create pathlines that are entering a defined area ??

in fact the opposite of pathlines released by a defined area (as proposed natively in fluent) , which i can do...

or are creating customized rake-surfaces the only way to get that ??



Lanre August 24, 2001 14:59

Re: creating "inverted" pathlines ??
Pathlines are massless particle traces of your flow field. The pathlines "go with the flow", essentially. If you are wondering how to create pathlines in regions of reciculating flow, then create surfaces (points, rakes, etc.) positioned strategically in your solution domain.

Erwin August 27, 2001 13:15

Re: creating "inverted" pathlines ??
Yes it's possible. Select the surface that you want your pathlines to go to. Then check the 'Reverse' checkbox under options. This will show pathlines going into the surface.

You can make a complete picture by checking 'Overlays' in the Scene description panel and subsequently to do regular pathlines (no Reverse) from your source surface.

The end result will be pathlines going 'through' your selected surface.

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