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Ting Lik Ho August 22, 2001 04:29

Reference value
Could someone tell me more about the reference value in the Fluent? I found that it is going to affect my result (x-y plot) if I change the reference value like velocity.

KH August 22, 2001 12:00

Re: Reference value
I suggest you have to specify you question with further details. In some cases yes, for e.g. Boussinesq approximation for bouyancy.

Mary August 22, 2001 14:36

Re: Reference value
Temperature? Pressure? .....which reference value are you speaking of?

Ting Lik Ho August 23, 2001 08:38

Re: Reference value
I just want to kow how to use the command in Report>Reference value.

Dave August 23, 2001 16:54

Re: Reference value
when changing results from to coefficients for example pressure to Cp the reference value enered here will be used to calculate the dynamic prssure and therefore will have a large effect on the results.

these should generally reflect the freestream values if these are known.

Jim Clancy August 25, 2001 21:02

Re: Reference value
Even for Cd computation, refernce area will affect.

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