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Mizanur August 29, 2001 11:40

Aspect ratio Limitation!
Hi folks,

I am wondering is there any limitation regarding aspect ratio (width/length) in FLUENT. I want to solve a simple problem of flow between two plates and the gap between them is 1 tenth of the length, apsect ratio=0.1. Is it possible to solve by FLUENT? The problem i am facing it does not converge.


tschump August 29, 2001 11:51

Re: Aspect ratio Limitation!
Hi The limitation lies in the aspect ratio of the cells in your model. Try not to exceed an AR of 20, but better remain lower than 4.

david August 30, 2001 00:40

Re: Aspect ratio Limitation!
A) How many cells u have along the width? B) It's not the ASPECT ratio for you case, something else gone wrong. C) Check y* and y+ values.


John C. Chien August 30, 2001 02:13

Re: Aspect ratio Limitation!
(1). Tell us more about your mesh size, Reynolds number, and turbulence model used (if required), so that we can better understand your problem.

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