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baskar September 5, 2001 05:05

meshing a spring

A SPRING is modelled in gambit.

It is completely enclosed by CYCLINDER.

The SPRING is subtracted from the CYCLINDER.

The resulting volume has to be meshed.

( I'am not able to mesh the resulting volume by any of the schemes available in GAMBIT)

david September 5, 2001 05:21

Re: meshing a spring
A) Be more specific please: you are trying to mesh a 3D spring in gambit, right ? are you trying to mesh the surface of the spring? what type of mesh ? B) Ultimately, what are you trying to do ? A spring is moving ups and down and the fluid flow characterics bcos of this ? C) For primary study, make one volume and let gambit to mesh it (do not mesh any face or age). DC

Rahul C. Chikurde October 11, 2001 10:24

Re: meshing a spring
Try to decompose the resulting volume in to suitable smaller volumes and try different meshing schemes with different mesh specification, if you are getting fatal error message. Actually what you are trying to analyze? Where are the inlets and outlets? Identify the areas which are giving problem while meshing and if possible try to merge edges or surfaces for better results.

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