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Andrew Parker September 5, 2001 05:20

Interest in Hydrofoils-please respond
Dear all

It would be useful if those of us out there who have an interest in modeling hydrofoils in Fluent or even in other packages (although I use Fluent), make ourselves known to each other, so we may help with advances in the modeling of this most simple, but at the same time complicated object. Anybody who thinks that they could benefit from this please respond to this posting, and we can start to discuss the problems-I am hoping mine are the same as yours.



p_v_aravind October 30, 2001 06:54

Re: Interest in Hydrofoils-please respond
Dear Mr Andrew Parker

I am a student in University of Oldenburg and is just starting learning CFD with fluent.

I just wanted to do an exercise in Airfoils.

I converted the turbulent flow problem in the tutorial (with air) into a laminar flow problem with low mach no flow (Mach no 0.05)

But it is not converging for any courant number from 0.5 to 50. I am wondering what could be the reason. Could you please help me?

Thanking You

Aravind PV

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