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Nurul Murad September 6, 2001 02:56

multiple shadows
hi guys!

i'm trying to simulate sliding mesh of cars within a tunnel and wish tu get a periodic motion for the cars. i have assigned the periodic boundary conditions and managed to export the grid to the fluent pre/post processing tool. however, i cannot create the grid interface that i need to make the mesh slide due to multiple shadows error. what in the world is multiple shadows error? can anyone help?? thanks in advance.


Martin Shanel September 28, 2001 10:35

Re: multiple shadows
Hi, I've continuously had the same problem, but learnt how to live with it... The multiple shadows in my case are associated with periodics. I have several solid zones and two fluid zones in a FLUENT5 case. When I created the sliding grid interface between the two fluid zones I got the same error as you until I learnt that I have to get back to TGRID with the whole mesh and change the periodics to walls, then read it back to FLUENT5 and make them periodic from within FLUENT. I guess it has something to do with reading the periodics created in GAMBIT into FLUENT. If the guys from FLUENT are able to explain it, it would be appreciated it !!! All the Best, Martin

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