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hp September 6, 2001 08:37

Fluent parallel: segmentation fault?
hi there

I am running stirred tank simulations in fluent 5.5.14. Single CPU cases are all OK, but I need bigger grids and would like to use more CPU's. However, I cannot get the cases read into the parallel solver. (i first partition in the serial solver). In the GUI I see the reading progression up to the "distributing mesh" part. It starts with "pairs..," and on to "cells ..," And there it stops. Sometimes I get a Segmentation fault, at other times the system hangs with both (for a two CPU case) CPU's going at 100% load, but with nothing else happening.

Anyone with ideas, similar experience, workarounds? This happened using linux, but also on an HP-UX system.

thanks hp

Andrew Parker September 6, 2001 08:51

Re: Fluent parallel: segmentation fault?

I am using the same cut as yourself but to get into the parallel mode what do you do? I go into the command prompt and type fluent 2ddp -t2, and it works fine, it maybe that you need to set your environment again, and if you are not already doing it you could try typing the above line-remember the spaces!

Sorry can't be much help


Kang September 6, 2001 14:18

Re: Fluent parallel: segmentation fault?
I am running Fluent parallet on winNT machine, and I have exactly the same problems as you mentioned. What I did is just to use parallel version of FLUENT as a solver, and leave all the other work to single CPU version, and leave the parition to the software.

By the way, CPU shouldn't have anything to do with grid size, memory does.

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