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Prashant September 6, 2001 13:57

FLUENT 6 capabilities
Hi, I learnt that Fluent 6 can handle structural deformations in flow volume (expansion and contraction of meshes). I'm interested in such applications for biomedical industry, but I'm under the impression that FLUENT 6 has the above mentioned capabilities that are more suitable for automotive industry. Can anyone throw light onn this? Also, when will Fluent6 be out? Thanks.

Calvin Hsu September 6, 2001 22:43

Re: FLUENT 6 capabilities

STAR-CD has had the capability to handle deforming unstructured meshes for over a decade. Recent work has also included coupled fluid-structure interaction cases, in which the grid deforms due to fluid pressure and its interaction with compliant boundaries. adapco has significant experience supporting users in the biomedical industry, some of whom use STAR-CD to model heart valves and other deforming geometries. Contact your local CD adapco Group representative or have a look at or for more information.

By the way, the Fluent 6 release was first announced for Fall 1999. A number of factors, including the departure of a significant faction of very experienced solver developers in early 2000, have occurred in the intervening years. The last release date I have heard is Fall 2001.

Best regards,


david September 7, 2001 22:16

Re: FLUENT 6 capabilities
Mr. Prashant,

I compared several softwares (including FIDAP, Abaqus, CFD-CAE, Intellisense), which claims that can handel Fluid-Strutural-Interaction problem, and I think CFD-CAE is the best one, if you want to know more information about influence of fluid on the structure dynamic response.

If you have any good software to handle FSI problem, please share it with me.

Regards, david

markus October 17, 2001 15:08

Re: FLUENT 6 capabilities
Truelly Fidap 8.6 capabilities to handle FSI are great.

I have seen and done some simulations and the nature of the code (finite elements) enables one to control the behaviour of the solid. Only the amout of calculation are great. I dout if Star or an other code could require less resources and costs.


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