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Orlando September 10, 2001 16:03

Fluid flow in porous media question
I am trying to understand what equations are solved in Fluent for isothermal flow in a porous media. I am trying to simulate the capillary rise problem using a porous material. How does Fluent takes into account the material permeability, porosity, pore size, capillary pressure ?? I am not a Fluent user. I have been looking at their literature and according to their technical info they can solve flow in porous media. Currently I am trying to make a decision to lease a license and need all the information that I can get.

I appreciate your responses in advance. Thanks,


passer-by September 11, 2001 02:31

Re: Fluid flow in porous media question

Volker Pawlik September 12, 2001 10:31

Re: Fluid flow in porous media question
"Porous media" is just a pressure loss model in fluent!

You can define the loss proprtional (the factors depend on the permeamibility or just a pressure loss coefficient) to velocity (laminar) or to the square of velocity

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