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Andrew Parker September 11, 2001 05:06

Coupled Explicit
Dear all

I have been told that that it is better to use the PRESTO system if you want to analysis an airfoil, as it allows normal pressure gradients, however, you can not adapt the cells if you are using PRESTO as it turns those adapted cells back to a standard pressure-velocity coupling. In an effort to resolve this I have been told that I will get the same results as PRESTO, if I use a coupled Explicit solver, but I will be able to adapt the cells with no adverse effect. Does anybody have any thoughts on this or have they come across something that is similar, do you have a reason why this would work.



ravi October 12, 2001 07:18

Re: Coupled Explicit
May I know for which mach number you are solving? Because the Mach number (esp. for air) will decide whether the flow is compressible or incompressible. Coupled explicit solver is essentially a density based solver (where all the governing equations are coupled). So based on your mach number, say M > 0.5 (but for air, the compressibility effects are siginificant for M > 0.3), you better go for coupled explicit solver. At the same time you can adapt the grid also.

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