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Suneesh September 12, 2001 01:35

WARNING:multiple shadows

I am trying to simulate the flow past rotor/stator configuration in compressor.When I import the mesh file into fluent it gives a warning that some face threads has multiple shadows.

can someone tell what may be the possible reason for this warning and also the remedy for it.

thanks and regards, suneesh

Volker Pawlik September 12, 2001 10:26

Re: WARNING:multiple shadows
as far as I remember the warning can be forgotten.

Suneesh September 12, 2001 12:19

Re: WARNING:multiple shadows
How to remove it? My Fluent version is 5.4.8

Volker Pawlik September 13, 2001 05:21

Re: WARNING:multiple shadows
I meant: ignore the warning!

Or is it impossible for you to start the solver?

As I already mentioned: I had had the warning sometime in the past. All what I remember is: The warning had no influence on solving the case.

If it is different in your case, contact your fluent office or try it with fluent 5.5.

Suneesh September 13, 2001 11:07

Re: WARNING:multiple shadows
In Fluent 5.5 it is working without problem

Suneesh September 16, 2001 10:10

Re: WARNING:multiple shadows
In Fluent 5.5 also I can't make the interface periodic. If I try it is showing BUS ERROR suneesh

Petr September 30, 2001 04:06

Re: WARNING:multiple shadows
Hi Suneesh,

I also experienced such warning messages with my FLUENT 5.1, but in an electronic New Feature Documentation the following procedure is proposed: grid -> modify-zones->repair-duplicate-shadows

This warning appears,I thing, when your planar zones, which you want to be periodic, are composed of several faces with common nodes, so that at least one node belongs to several faces. I use another procedure in such case: in GAMBIT I define another, but distinct types of boundary conditions on the zones which I want to be periodic, and after reading the mesh I use text commands grid->modify-zones->make-periodic

Of course, you must have as identical mesh on both zones as possible (some differences are tolerable).

I hope this could help.


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