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Danial September 12, 2001 19:18

NT (2k) parallel version
I have a problem I hope you can help me with. I use NT (also 2k) version of fluent Release: 5.4.8 and I want to know if it can do parallel processing on a multiprocessor machine and on a network. How can I know that without trying it on such machines. I have a menu in the user interface called parallel but its contents is not active-- may be because fluent may have read that the machine is single during its installation...I don't know! A friend advised me to look at the installation CD but I don't have access to it, I can just access the installed program. Please reply this if you know any thing that may help. thanks, Danial

Lanre September 14, 2001 15:12

Re: NT (2k) parallel version
On NT, you require a separate parallel executable (separate installation CD's). Contact Fluent directly.

Rahul C. Chikurde October 10, 2001 14:35

Re: NT (2k) parallel version
We are using NT dual processor machine with 1Gb RAM. For the parallel version of fluent to work on your m/c, you need saperate parallel version CD's on NT platform. You must have at least two licenses to run parallel version. While working on parallel version, both the licenses gets locked ( in case you are having two licenses ).

You need to read the mesh file through METIS partitioner which is available in file menu of fluent console for parallel version.

Contact Fluent support for more information.

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