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Federico September 13, 2001 06:37

Fidap files management
I"ve just started using Fidap. I"ve two problems : 1) Savings model files + boundary conditions (when i open a previously saved session, i can-t no longer see the b.c.). 2) I can't manage the convergence criteria (i want to go on iterating also after convergence has been reached)

Can anyone help me? Thank you


Jaydeep Kulkarni October 3, 2001 10:15

Re: Fidap files management
1. When you run a job the very first time with a partcular identifier, you should use the flag -new to start Fidap. In order to save the existing session, you will "END" out of Fidap. The next time you want to open up the existing database, don't use the -new option. Then, Fidap will recognize the previously entered b.c.s etc. If you still use the -new option to open up an existing database, Fidap will ignore whatever had been previously entered into it.

2. I am not sure what you mean by "I want to go on iterating after the convergence is reached". Fidap will (ans should!) stop when the convergence is reached. You can tighten the converence by using the velconv/surfconv keywords and schange = 0 on the solution card. See the command documentation in the FIPREP manual.

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