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ak September 20, 2001 17:49

Custom Field Functions
I wanted to create a Custom Field Function which would show me the distribution of a normal component of the velocity to some surface (not a wall) and I failed. Does anybody have any experience of doing that? Thank you, Alexandre.

Michele Cagna October 8, 2001 03:57

Re: Custom Field Functions
I think it is not possible to create an custom field function to do this work. I guess it is better to write a user defined funtion which calculates the normal velocity. U can save the velocity distribution in a user defined memory an then display it.

ak October 8, 2001 10:23

Re: Custom Field Functions
Thank you, Michele. It is possible! I used Grid -> X,Y,Z surface area projections to define a normal component of the surface ... and then it was easy. Thank you again. Alexandre.

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