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cehuang September 23, 2001 03:52

HI, guys

I have a question to ask u guys.

Can Fluent model the multi-phase flow containing multi-species?

For example, i want to simulate a solution containing solvents with high volatility be deposited on a spinning disk, can i solve this question by fluent?


Lanre September 26, 2001 12:43

Re: Multi-phase
What is the mechanism of deposition? Are these droplets impinging on a spinning disk?

cehuang October 1, 2001 15:25

Re: Multi-phase
NO, in this problem i assume it is already have a film coated on the disk, then rotate the disk with high speed. At the same time, the solvent contain in the film evaporating cause the viscosity of the film become hard to spread out. So i wanna use Fluent to model this situation. But i never success.

could u give me a hand?

thanks a lot.

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