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J September 24, 2001 09:38

I-DEAS 2 fluent
Can anybody comment on their experiences using SDRC's I-DEAS package to generate meshes for use within Fluent? Does I-DEAS and Gambit have any functional compatability? TIA

Conny Larsson October 2, 2001 02:40

Re: I-DEAS 2 fluent
I have not tried this myself but it should work. Create the mesh in I-DEAS. Export as 'I-DEAS simulation universal file' (*.unv). Be sure to select only the mesh and not the part. Import it in Fluent as an universal file.

Conny Larsson

Michele Cagna October 8, 2001 03:53

Re: I-DEAS 2 fluent
We use I-DEAS to generate tetra-surface-meshes and T-Grid to generate the volume-mesh. It's also possible to generate a volume-mesh in I-DEAS and export it directly to Fluent. U need to define Groups in I-DEAS (inlet, walls, outlet) to set the bounadry conditions in Fluent. So generate an I-DEAS mesh, export it as universal file but select only the elements an nodes and the groups. This works.

Ciao Mic

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