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Giovanni September 25, 2001 05:27

Post: contour and vector

why there is a difference in magnitude between max value of velocity contour and velocity vector?

Thank you Giorgio

J. O' malley. September 25, 2001 07:24

Re: Post: contour and vector

I assume the reason is that contours are averaged whereas the velocity vectors are length and direction values stored at particular location, say cell node or centre. I may be wrong.

Giorgio September 25, 2001 09:55

Re: Post: contour and vector
Thank you J.


Lanre September 26, 2001 12:33

Re: Post: contour and vector
The default for filled contours is to plot node values, which means some interpolation from the cell centered computed values. The vectors plot the cell center values. Switch off node values when displaying contours to match the range reported in the Display-Vectors panel.

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