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Liao September 26, 2001 00:08

How to import STL ?
Can fluent support STL file ? and how to import ? thanx

Lanre September 26, 2001 12:10

Re: How to import STL ?
You can import an STL file into GAMBIT. The resulting geometry is not real but faceted and thus you will be unable to perform Boolean operations. This may or may not be an issue depending on the state of your STL model.

Remesh the faces (may need lots of clean up to merge itty-bitty faces into larger ones), and then the volumes, export your mesh to FLUENT.

Liao September 27, 2001 04:51

Re: How to import STL ?
Thanks for response.The STL imported is not a real geometry.I try to import STL as a mesh File,then the nodes and faces can be identified.But there are no volumes found.Should I import STL as a CAD or mesh file?

Karl September 27, 2001 08:43

Re: How to import STL ?
You should import the STL as a mesh file. There are no volumes because a STL-File has only a faceted surface mesh consisting of triangles.

Tip: Try to decrease the feature angle for better resolution of all details in the geometry

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