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Fred September 29, 2001 14:33

Fidap memory problem?
When I use Fidap on particulary strong cases (such as 3d or 2d thermofluidodynamic simulations) the fisolv runs for about 60-70 iterations, then he stops all activities (without reporting a convergence o a divergence to be happened, he reports no message) and when i try to start fipost, to see the solution he has reached in this few iterations, fidap shows an error message, saying then only mesh plot is possible. Could anyone help me in this strange problem? (is it a problem of memory? my system has 1 Gb for Ram and more than 1 Gb of HD, and it's a Pentiun II).

Jaydeep Kulkarni October 3, 2001 10:04

Re: Fidap memory problem?
1Gb of RAM and 1Gb of HD should certainly be sufficient for almost all 2D problems. You can run Fidap in the exec(datacheck) mode and see in the FDSTAT file how much memory it would need to run the problem. It is the number in front of "Minimum core memory required during the solution phase" multiplied by 4. Otherwise, when the problem is running (before it crashes), you can look up the task manager to find out how much memory it is actaully taking.

Are you running Fidap locally on the PC? One needs to make sure that there are no network related problems. Is it NT or Windows 2000?

Fred October 3, 2001 12:33

Re: Fidap memory problem?
Thank-you for your response, on monday i'll try doing as you tell. I'm running fidap on local computer (Pc with Windows NT, i'm a part of a net, but Fidap is on local). With a 2d problem the only fluidodinamic iterations are good (he converges to a right solution), when i pass to thermo-fluidodinamic fisolv crashes after few may be an error in my fidap usage however...


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