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Xubin September 30, 2001 13:20


I am now working on a discrete phase flow and like to export the velocity magnitude of gas along each particle trajectory. It seems that using DEFINE_DPM_OUTPUT is the best way. However, when compiling the "Melting Index Along a Particle Trajectory" example in Fluent UDF user guide, I always met the compile errors, like "parse error", "structure reference not implemented", or "sprintf: undeclared variable", etc. Do you have any experience on it ? I really appreciate your info.



Wolfgang October 25, 2001 09:09

Re: problem on DEFINE_DPM_OUTPUT
Hi Xubin, Isn't it enough for your problem to activate the "Step by Step" Report Type in the menu "Particle Tracking"? Than you will receive a file with all particle positions and velocities. You can import these data into Excel.


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