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Constantinos Constantinou October 3, 2001 02:55

Gambit on windows 2000

I was wondering to ask if anyone has faced a problem with the installation of gambit 1.3 on windows 2000 (service pack 1): The case is. The software run indicates that it cannot find exceed x server even though exceed 6.2 and exceed 3D are both installed in the registry and the path is ok. Is gambit unable to locate exceed on its own or shall i try to run it from somewhere else.

Regards Costas

Greg Perkins October 3, 2001 05:15

Re: Gambit on windows 2000
It works fine for me.

Have you set your enviornment variables for Fluent before opeing the command prompt to run gambit?

In my case gambit brings up Exceed and then I select a passive mode. You can change this via exceed.


khkoo October 4, 2001 09:01

Re: Gambit on windows 2000

After installation of Gambit1.3, two executive files are made in folder.

If you click the file(gambit.exe) in FLUENT.INC\gambit1.3\ntx86\ folder, gambit is not work.

Maybe, you can play the gambit using the file(gambit.exe) in FLUENT.INC\ntbin\ntx86\ folder.

Aaron October 22, 2001 07:15

Re: Gambit on windows 2000
I have met the same trouble, although I have set the PATH and run the right gambit.exe. Will anyone tell me the way to solve it?

Constantinos Constantinou October 22, 2001 12:38

Re: Gambit on windows 2000

I sorted out the problem by installing service pack 2. Then you need to install atleast exceed version 6.1 for nt. Try to run the exe from c/fluent/ntbin/nt86. because there is anotherone created at c/fluent/gambit1.3/ntbin/nt86.

Aaron October 23, 2001 03:21

Re: Gambit on windows 2000
I have done all the things you metioned. But, there is the same error. Can you give me some suggestion?

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