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Paulina October 5, 2001 07:53


Chetan Kadakia October 9, 2001 19:49

Re: convergence
where is your question?

Paulina October 10, 2001 04:06

Re: convergence
Hello! I'm sorry for last message, but I had a problem with sending it.

I wrote my case early, so now I will only remind it in a few words. I have a problem with my simulation, exactly with convergence.I have a very high residuals. I'm modeling liquid-liquid systems (dispersion)in the static mixers. The first fluid is a water and the second one is an engine-oil, with the density 920 [kg/m^3]. I use an Algebraic Slip Model in Fluent 5.4. The flow is turbulence, so I have also two additional parameters: k and epsilon. I tried to solve my problem many times and to do this I made many steps. Once I changed the solve controls, I decreased them to the level about 1e-03. But it doesn't help.Last time I started my calculation from 1e-06 for k and epsilon and the another parameters for example slip velocity about 1e-04. Unfortunatly I haven't got a solution. Also I should tell that I modeling this case for laminar flow and I obtain a solution very quicly. So I can't understand my problems with this case. I know that the main problem is with the k and epsilon. To simulation I use the "multigrid solver". I know that it isn't easy case because I have very complicate static mixers, but what should I do to obtain a convergence. At the moment I try to solve my case modeling only with turn on flow, volume fraction and slip velocity in the "solve controls" without turbulence. At the moment I can not say if it will help, because it require a time. I would appreciate any suggestions! Thanks! Best regards! Paulina

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