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Abhijeet Vaidya October 9, 2001 09:46

regarding the FSI in FLUENT 5
Respected sirs, Can anybody tell me whether it is possible for FLUENT 5 to model the system with fluid structural interaction. e.g. in an IC engine or air compressor , the motion of the piston raises the temp and pressure of the enclosed volume of air/air-fuel charge. How will I get pressure - time data for this process ? (in fluent 5 !) Thanking you !

Alain October 9, 2001 10:18

Re: regarding the FSI in FLUENT 5
I am afraid that you will have to wait for FLUENT 6.

There is no deforming mesh model in fluent 5


Rahul C. Chikurde October 10, 2001 14:09

Re: regarding the FSI in FLUENT 5
Dear Abhijit,

I think, it is not possible to solve your problem in Fluent 5. you should either have FIDAP software for FSI or you can try integrating fluent and ansys or ideas softwares. Mean to say that solve fluid flow problem in fluent and structural in ansys. You need to go step by step in this case. From fluent, you can export the forces on a surface exerted by the fluid and apply these forces on structural domain in ansys to morph the mesh. Again this morphed ( or deformed mesh ) can be imported in fluent and again solve the problem for flow.

You need to look into the phisics of the problem before proceding. i. e. whether the problem is linear/non-linear, steady/unsteady state, give perticular attention to the meshing schemes accepted by both the softwares.

If you are having finite element code FIDAP from fluent Inc., you can use unstructured mesh. Please refer Fluent documentation for more info. on the theory of FSI.

Calvin Hsu October 10, 2001 23:22

Re: regarding the FSI in FLUENT 5
Hi Abhijeet,

From what I understand, you are going to have to wait a lot longer than Fluent 6, which itself was promised for Fall of 1999 at one time. Fluent 6 has only a primitive *prescribed* boundary motion capability, which will not help you with fluid structure interaction unless you do all of the work to integrate this into a structural solver.

STAR-CD has this capability right now. I recently saw examples of this, which included computing the stresses and deformation of an a/c compressor exhaust valve. Have a look at for more details.

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