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Jim Clancy October 11, 2001 19:05

i need fast computer
Hi all, I am facing a problem to simulate some 3D problems with huge grid, I am using Pentium 3 with 1 GB ram, it takes long time for the sloution to converge. Can someone tell me what can I do, should I jump to new Xeon workstations, or those based on unix operating system. Thanx in advance.

Scott Whitney October 15, 2001 16:03

Re: i need fast computer
We would really need to know your definition of 'fast' and your price range (as well as the speed of your current Pentium 3).

I will assume you are using Fluent and have a parallel version (capable of more than 1 processor). 1) Cheaper methods: 1a) You will get good performance with a dual 1.53 GHz AMD MP workstation. This would cost about $3000-$4000. 1b) You can also get good performance with a dual 2.0 GHz Intel Xeon workstation (costing about $4000-$5000). 2) More expensive methods: 2a) You can buy a cluster of less expensive computers and link them together in Linux to get good performance. A cluster of 20-50 computers would probably be the best price/performance ratio. A reasonable cluster might cost $20,000-$50,000. 2b) Unix machines with large numbers of processors. This would cost a minimum of $30,000 to beat any of the computers listed above. $100,000+ is easy to spend for the best performance possible.

3) Future computers. If you are willing to wait a few months some new processors will be out. 3a) The first AMD 64 bit chip (code named Hammer) will be released soon, there is a press release about it today. This has the potential to rival the speed of the Unix machines yet have a much lower price tag. Who knows, this also may be a terrible chip. 3b) The server version of the Intel Xeon will be released in the beginning of next year. This might allow four or eight 2.0+GHz Xeons in a single machine.

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