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Ariel Sapir October 16, 2001 06:19

3d reconstruction from contour

I need to reconstruct a body from 2D contours (cross-sections) of the body. How can I do it? wich commercial programs can perform this better. The final purpose of my work is to build a mesh of the body for future CFD analysis.

Thank you.


Peter Gasparovic October 18, 2001 11:55

Re: 3d reconstruction from contour
Excluding first and last part (closing caps) of a body, it is simple task. Closing caps lead to either geometrical singularity (not recommended) or trimmed surface. Remaining part of body between sections is simple loft or sweep (or something similar) surface. I tried AutoCAD, Cadkey, ProDesigneer and IcemDDN, but the best for me is Rhinoceros. It is powerful and cheap. And new betaversions are available on the net.

It is ideal, if each section consist of the same number of control points (of B-spline). It gives you full control about shape of result surface. But some programs are not able to connect matching control points and you get many narrow (hardly visible) faces, which are difficult to mesh.

Alain October 21, 2001 08:44

Re: 3d reconstruction from contour
You can also use 3DDOCTOR from able software inc.

You can download a fully functioning demo from their site in order to see if it can respond to your need.

With this program you can reconstruct a surface from 3D image data (CT, MRI, Microscopy and other types)by extracting object boundaries using automatic and interactive 3D image segmentation. Then you can export the surface in iges format.

Best regards


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