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Cheng MuLin October 16, 2001 10:27

Run a shared memory parallel version on a network?
If you are familiar with the parallel version of Fluent, please give me some help.

I have four multi-processors machines(all win2k) which constitute a network.I am solving a CFD problem with fluent 5.5 now and this computation need huge memory which exceeds the size of a single machine, so I want to perform a parallel version with shared memory on this four-machine network. Thus each machine can hold a part of the whole data and case file in its local memory and memorys on four machines can be used as one on a single machine.I have tried "Socket", but it doesn't share memorys on other machines. So I am eager to get some help from you if you know how to do it. Thank you very much.

Volker Pawlik October 23, 2001 03:58

Re: Run a shared memory parallel version on a netw
you should start fluent with the option -pnet. But as far as I remember it means the same like socket in the GUI-run-menue.

Did you spawn processes to other hosts?

So let me describe how to start a parallel session from the beginning to give you the opportunity to compare it with your way:

1. start fluent with fluent 3d -t2 -pnet

(t2 stands for 2 processes on the first host. If you have more cpus increase the value)

2.In the GUI open the /Network/configure panel and spawn processes to the other hosts (machines)

or with the TUI:/par/netw/sn

then provide the machine name

repeat it with every cpu-node

3. read in your case and data.

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