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seba October 17, 2001 09:35

Two phase flow...
I have a problem with two phase flow. In 2D flow of thin liquid film on a flat plate (cylindrical coordinates) i'd like to find the "height" of the one phase vs. radial coordinate. Does enyone know how i can do this? Thank you! :)

Alain October 21, 2001 08:36

Re: Two phase flow...
Hi seba,

if I understand you well your problem is a post processing problem.

In Fluent you don't really have a simple way to extract the heigh of the film in every position.

In a 2D problem you can use XY plot in order to have phase concentration vs lenght and radius. By exporting your datas in Excel you will be able to sort it.

At last you will have an r, theta table.

I also think that it may be possible to make an Udf to respond to your problem.

Best regards


Lanre October 23, 2001 09:39

Re: Two phase flow...
1. Create an iso-surface of phase-1 (or 2, etc.) with a value of 0.5.

2. Plot your height coordinate vs. radial coordinate (deselect "Position on X Axis") on the iso-surface in the XY plot panel.

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