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rakib October 24, 2001 11:11

Can Fluent Model Separation Columns
Hell there. I just want to ask you if FLUENT can model separation processes, eg in Distillation columns....Not only flow, but also the masstransfer aspects?

newbie October 31, 2001 01:20

Re: Can Fluent Model Separation Columns
Yes fluent has such capability.


rakib October 31, 2001 12:47

Re: Can Fluent Model Separation Columns
Thanks, more specifically, is it possible to model a distillation column for example: Modelling not only the flow, but also predicting composition variations along the height of a distillation column (to start with, a binary case)? How do I start? Please.

newbie October 31, 2001 13:01

Re: Can Fluent Model Separation Columns
It is not an easy task to model a distillation column, it can include multiphase models as Euler-Euler or VOF depending on the inners of your column. If you have in mind calculating the variation of the components composition thru the column, better go to a flowsheet simulation program as aspen or hysim/hysis. CFD will give you finer results that will account for the bypassing or stagnant flows in the column.

Keep it in mind before embarking on CFD.



rakib November 1, 2001 03:12

Separation Columns (Distillation)
Yes, I understand. Powerful packages like HYSYS, ASPEN or PRO II can predict the material balance, energy balance, and all the finer process details, but what about the mechanical aspects, eg problems arising out of channelling in packed towers, orother flow problems? For that we have to go for CFD analysis, but then the question is that can it handle the mass transfer details based on the Vapor Liquid Equilibrium data? I understand, as u have also indicated that this will be a difficult task, but maybe we can start we binary systems. Thanks in advance

Isa November 12, 2001 06:35

Re: Separation Columns (Distillation)
This requires strong Eulerian mutli-phase capabilities.

Fluent's Eulerian is very slow and very difficult, if not impossible to converge, except for some easy show cases Fluent have carefully chosen to imply that they have got this capability.

Many people have been taken in by this, before giving up and using something like ASM, which is totally inappropriate for this application.

Use another CFD code better suited to your applications and not one that just says it can.

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