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Alex November 1, 2001 05:36

Hexaedra with hanging nodes ?
Could you please let me know if the unstructured flow solver of Fluent is able to treat hanging nodes in hexaedra meshes ?

Thanks in advance,


chiseung November 1, 2001 06:08

Re: Hexaedra with hanging nodes ?
Hanging node scheme is possible in FLUENT.

david November 1, 2001 19:23

Re: Hexaedra with hanging nodes ?
A) Do u mean hexahedra? FLUENT splits a hexahedron into 8 hexahedra. B) Hope you are aware of the fact that the hanging node adaption has a memory penalty associated with maintaining the grid hierarchy and temporarily storing the edges in 3D C) So control the adaption specially while using hanging node. D) for 3D, u can't use conformal in fluent as you know.


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