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CFX User November 1, 2001 12:57

Fluent 6
Can anybody tell me when Fluent 6 is released and which new features are available. I am particularily interested in modeling MHD.

david November 1, 2001 18:56

Re: Fluent 6
U can subsribe fluent mailiing list to know the updates

Greg Perkins November 2, 2001 02:13

Re: Fluent 6
Its very late - I think even some Fluent users would have wonder what's going on.

Isa November 2, 2001 04:39

Re: Fluent 6

Wasn't this suppose to be out in '99?

newbie November 4, 2001 23:47

Re: Fluent 6
Its quite disturbing reading the cfd general forum about fluent. What do you, engineering people,think?

john November 7, 2001 15:47

Re: Fluent 6
announced: mid november

Greg Perkins November 7, 2001 22:29

Re: Fluent 6
Well personally I haven't used other codes, but if the blurbs on the other codes is realistic, Fluent's still got some strenghts, but will be playing catch up in some areas. I suspect they may have lost a bit of focus etc over the past several years.

I don't understand why they haven't done Fluent 6 in stages - add the multiphase capbility to Fluent 5, then add mesh generation, shrinking, expansion whatever in a subsequent stage. Small incremental steps sounds better than giant quantum leaps - which are more risky and might very well fail.

Perception counts for a lot, so that fact we are discussing this, can't be good from their point of view.


newbie November 8, 2001 15:36

Re: Fluent 6
When I read the comments of the CFD academics about the death of fluent (see the main discussion forum) it ringed some bells on me.

rakib November 11, 2001 10:27

Re: Fluent 6
Death of CFD in general, or death of FLUENT in particular? Sorry, I might have missed it!

newbie November 12, 2001 23:16

Re: Fluent 6

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