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TOM November 5, 2001 12:34

analysis of internal combustion engine induction
My research project is the analysis of internal combustion engine induction, (intake flow calculation). I have already designed the cylinder head with gambit and meshed it.But I am actually stucked with using Fluent. Do you have any experience of this kind of calculation? Thanks for your advices and answers.

soltani farhad November 27, 2001 06:34

niumerical simulation of premixed combustion
dear sir

i am a graduate study and studying in mechanical

engineering , my thasis is " numerical simulation

of internal combustion engine comprsion and ignition "

i do my project with fluent 5.2 and gambit.

i study part of manual that related to chemecal reaction and premixed was very effective in my education of this code.

if you have any difficalty or quastion , you can mail

my .

but i have a one difficalty in do my project with fluent 5.2

how can i model the piston movtion in its direction,

as you knom, whit movtion of piston control volume

can be changed ?

thank you.

TOM November 28, 2001 05:50

Re: niumerical simulation of premixed combustion
I think that we are doing exactly the same research project.

I am graduate too, and do this project for my Master.

I have begun only two month ago.

So for the moment I have design several types of cylinder and meshed them.

I have already studied the inlet and outlet flow, and now I am studying the combustion.

I know that under fluent you can easily do an animation for the flow, but for a moving part it is quite harder. I know that you can do it cause I saw it in the user's guide, you just have to set which part is moving and set up the translation in our case and/or rotation...

I will do it later, and I am only a beginner with fluent so I can not help you for the moment.

Note that I use gambit, prePDF3.1 and fluent 5.5

You can send me your files (.dbs, .msh, .cas, .dat, ...) and I will help you if I can.

Which level of studies are you doing now for this project and where?

See you, TOM

May I send you my files to told me if everything is correct and for further question?

Bipin December 11, 2001 04:25

Re: analysis of internal combustion engine inducti

The Fluent6.0 version would be able to analyse incylinder motion in which piston & valve will move with time.

Fluent5 is unable to do this.


TOM December 11, 2001 09:36

Re: analysis of internal combustion engine inducti

I am doing a engine cylinder under gambit and studying the flow and the combustion inside.

I have done everything roughly, basically, but it works, because I am just a rouky using fluent.

To have better results, can you tell me which type of mesh do I have to set for my engine cylinder and valves (edges, faces and volumes) and why.

Moreover if you have any stuffs (address, contact, doc.) about this, feel free to send me them.

Yours sincerely, TOM.

keerthi August 29, 2011 05:20

regarding that u can use layering approach to obtain moving meshes

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