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pop November 7, 2001 09:06

"the world leader"
Hi Everyone, I noticed that Fluent people are using the term " The world leader" more often now. Anybody knows where that came from.


cfdkid November 7, 2001 17:54

Re: "the world leader"
Perhaps they think they are the world leader. Will that improve the quality of the solution? What world?

Isa November 12, 2001 06:39

Re: "the world leader"
Fluent has a a strong marketing team that like to bandy phrases like this.

Dont be fooled by rheotoric, trial the codes for real applications and then make a decision.

If only other people did this more often, they wouldn't be stuck with poor software that was, perhaps, the easiest to use 4-5 years ago, but no longer....

Remember, try benchmarking on real applications that will test a CFD code, not on a simple one Fluent might suggest, that any CFD code can handle.

Marc Whale November 12, 2001 11:02

Re: "the world leader"
the world leader...bah??? the longest I use, the more I understand that even they do not fully undurstand their own software.

Try real combustion !!!!!

Eddie November 12, 2001 15:41

Re: "the world leader"
Marc, you scared me with your reply. I am in the process of evaluating the package versus some other packages; I am considering Star as well.

What really surprised me is that there was no reply from Fluent people at all. It looks like the "Marketing machine" failed to respond this time

newbie November 12, 2001 23:14

Re: "the world leader"

Bipin December 11, 2001 03:33

Re: "the world leader"

The term world leader definitely implies how much market penetration is there. For everybody's information FLuent is largest used CFD software.

Reasons ;

# difficult to use # inaccuracy of results # poor support # high computation time # etc....

Are these the reasons, I am just wondering.

Please let me know your opinion


sharad December 25, 2001 12:53

Re: "the world leader"
yes Bipin the reasons quoted seems to be right

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