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Avinash Kadam November 8, 2001 02:29

Regarding UDF
Respected Sirs, I am trying to solve a problem on Fluent for which I need some guidence.

I will describe the specific problem which I am trying to solve. Problem : I want to solve the flow in a 2 d channel , which is influenced by the electric field. The electric field is known to me and is a non uniformly distributed in the domain. The approach I am trying is to modify the source terms of the momentum equations ( x & y direction ) to take account of the influence of the electric field on the flow. The flow is turbulent and I am using k-epsilon model for that. The exact problem is how to give the spatial distribution of the electric field or how to give a momentum source term which is a function of space. Can I make a data file for it and read it or will I have to find some analytic formula which will represent the spatial distribution of the electric field ? I want to go for first approach because it is difficult to curve fit the electric field into any analytic formula !

I think that the problem is analogus to the problem of non uniform heat generation in a solid whose temperature distribution we want to find !!

Thanking you !

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