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kevin November 8, 2001 08:44

i have UDS's problem??
i solve electro-chemical phenomena by user-defined scalar ,the answer put into source terms of momentum equation to calculated ,but , fluent's software isn't run , occur error message

DEFINE_UDS_FLUX(cathode_uds1,f,t,I) {face_t f; Thread *t; Yo2=F_YI(f,t,0); /* 0--oxygen */ Pc=F_P(f,t); Xo2=Yo2*Pc; F_UDSI(f,t,0)=Pc*Xo2; return F_UDSI(f,t,0); }

DEFINE_SOURCE(aa,c,thread,ds,eqn) {cell_t c; face_t f; Thread *t; real source1,I0; w=F_UDSI(f,t,0); source1=-w*2.5; ds[eqn]=-2.5; return source1; }

Error: FLUENT received fatal signal (ACCESS_VIOLATION) 1. Note exact events leading to error. 2. Save case/data under new name. 3. Exit program and restart to continue. 4. Report error to your distributor. Error Object: ()

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