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Sambasivam November 9, 2001 00:09

Variable wall velocity
Hi, I have a query. In fluent, there is an option for moving boundary but the velocity should be constant. Is there anyway to assign variable velocity through an UDF? Thanks

R. Sambasivam.

david November 21, 2001 22:18

Re: Variable wall velocity
could you describe more what you really want to do ?


Sambasivam November 21, 2001 23:23

Re: Variable wall velocity

Thank you for your response. See, Fluent has a provision to assign either linear or angular velocity to the wall/boundary. But this velocity should be a constant not a function of time. But I need to specify the velocity as a function of time. Say, I want to simulate a vibrating wall whose velocity varies sinusoidally. How can I approach this problem? If you can throw some light on this, I would be thankful to you.

Warm regards,

R. Sambasivam.

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