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Marc November 14, 2001 13:45

What does this message mean?

I am trying to simulate contaminant transportation in a 3D room with big buoyancy force due to density diference. I get always a very strong upward jet when using any of the turbulence models (except LES) in Fluent but this is far from the experiment result. According to the user manual, it is sometimes better to start up with a unsteady solution. I tried this method but I always get some error messages like the following when getting to some point :

Error: > (greater-than): invalid argument [2]: wrong type [not a number]

Error Object: nan

Before this message there are some backflow at the outlet (I use pressure outlet and mass flow inlet as inlet as boundary conditions) and then the turbulent viscosity was limited to 10e+5. This error was repeated with Fluent 5.4.8 and 5.6. Can anyone tell me what's the problem here? Thank you very much for your feedback in advance.

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